Tricks On How To Write Unique Content

This article reveals some great tips on how to rephrase sentence in a unique manner.

Whether you are writing a college research paper, website content or other forms of contents, you need to combine your own ideas with ideas from other reliable sources. It takes special skill and finesse to uniquely weave in other people’s ideas and words into your own content in a seamless manner.

The good news is, you can also acquire unique content writing skill by knowing how to reword, determining the method for integrating direct quotes and when to do it, and by substantially broadening your writing tool kit. Keep reading to learn how it works.

#1: First, Understand the Main Idea of the Source

When you research your topic, it is needful to know how to use your own words to translate ideas from your sources. This is how the journey to writing unique contents begins. And, becoming a paragraph rewriter starts by getting a good grasp of what the original passage is all about.

So, read the passage over and again until you understand the idea or information it is trying to convey. And, while reading the passage for better understanding, pause to check up unfamiliar words and phrases in the dictionary. It is important to understand what the entire passage is talking about.

#2: Write Down the Main Ideas without Looking at the Source

Now, take notes on the passage or information the source is trying to convey without looking. The essence is to help you translate the author’s work using your own words. If you had done a thorough work reading the passage, you will discover that you will easily remember and write down the main ideas of the passage in your own words without depending on the source.

You should also make extra notes to expand on the original idea by asking yourself certain critical questions such as ‘what else can aid a reader to understand this passage better? This question will provoke ideas on useful additions that can help provide extra clarity about the ideas conveyed in the content.

#3: Compare Your Notes with the Source

If you are not skillful at paraphrasing, it is easy to misrepresent the idea that the original author is trying to convey. You should double-check the source and compare it with the ideas you noted down in your words to be sure you have not altered the meaning. Also, check for other omissions and misspellings as well.

#4: Quote Phrases or Sentences Lifted Verbatim

If you have borrowed or directly lifted some terms and phrases from the source, you need to indicate by using quotation marks on such phrases. This way, you can credit the original author, preserve the main idea’s integrity, and keep your content plagiarism-free. You should also cite your source in the right format when necessary.

#5: Change the Structure

Also, changing the structure of a sentence or phrase in the source passage plays the trick of making your content unique. And, just like rewording, restructuring sentences requires skill. One of the ways to restructure is to re-arrange the sentence.

Here’s an example;

Original Sentence: “In the morning, it rained cat and dog, preventing a lot of people from going about their daily duties early enough.”

Restructured Sentence: “A lot of people could not resume their daily tasks on time due to the heavy rain in the morning.”

#6: Develop Your Writing Skills

Earlier, it was mentioned that writing unique contents requires skills and finesse. Such skill does not fall from the sky, it is something you acquire overtime through learning. Read books and materials that teach you how to develop and enhance your writing skills.

It also involves building your vocabularies by consulting online thesauruses, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. You should also learn grammar rules and get a good grasp of the fundamental mechanics of sentences. These are all great ways to build your writing and speaking skills. And, in no time, you will start writing unique contents like a pro.

Finally, you can also get professional help to assist you with your unique content creation skill acquisition. This will help speed up your learning process.

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