AESTHET IA#3 : Up Close & Personal

Through this 2 meeting, we could experience and see the artist’s life. Continuously I’m listening their life, i thought that artist is working like wonderful work. Even all the work is difficult, I felt that they could enjoy own work and area. And it made me realize it can happen to me. I thought that how did they come here. The answer is that artist have their own talents, skills or new creation.

The First artist that i chosen the Nova Villa. She is actress and veteran comedienne. I feel highly honored to listen her story. And i wondered that she possessed a knack for acting and simply making people or giving good laugh. Also there are so many accidents, rumor or hardships in actress but she had to overcome and she wasn’t afraid to depend on God with every decision she made and she lived her job as a mission that held deeper meaning and purpose. Listening this story, i thought this is wonderful life.

The second artist that i chosen : Ms. Angel Hernandez Bisquera. Listening her life, I felt that she has special talent and skill. I saw her a picture painted, it was surprised. Also she manage own shop, but i think this is not easy something. The third artist that i chosen : Mark Rivera. He is a casting director and a football player. And i was suprised that he is part of the Philippine Askalz team. Also he achieved his dream when he was young.

This three artist are dedicated to their work.They are real professional. Also they are all an inspiration to every one of us. Like as they have influenced the lives of many people, i hope so i want to be a influential person. Also they left a lot of good word, I treasure their word i will challenge for my goal. And i will make sure to take this to heart and also practice humility in my future career.