Are you perhaps not clear on its role?

What if you changed the role and expectations for your marketing function?

What if by taking a new look, you could turn marketing into the engine for business growth?

Businesses I encounter are often in different stages, and we work together to take them to the next step. To define the role that best serves them in that stage that they are at.

These are the five stages — which stage are you at?

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PHASE 1: You are doing nothing (not advisable)

Your business has no clear brand or plans to support awareness, engagement and lead generation. Something to note here is that marketing happens even when you aren’t spending money. At this stage, its important to be planned in the message you are telling as it is building up a perception of your business, even if you aren’t paying to do it. That is your digital ecosystem at play! Be deliberate as you are laying foundations which are very hard to re-build as you step into the next stages of growth. …

This was me not too long ago, and in conversations with business leaders, it appears I am not the only one. This has prompted me to share my story. Be warned; it may mention stuff like soft skills, superpowers and taking on a monster!

The story first came up when I was invited to facilitate a workshop for 140 students to help them to understand the importance of 21st-century skills.
And this is where superpowers enter the story. I see these skills or ‘soft skills’ as superpowers. They are the skills that we undervalue in ourselves, but others deem valuable as they are game-changers. Superman’s powers only became valuable when he arrived on earth — the earth activated them. Much like these soft skills when they are present in a space where they were previously lacking — they become highly valuable as a catalyst for change. …

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We all know that digital brought about opportunities to merge these two disciplines as the customer journey becomes more integrated from awareness and engagement (the space of marketing) through the customer connection and conversion (the space for sales). It’s no surprise really as we are speaking to one individual through that process and thus integrated seems obvious. Right?

I have worked with businesses to map this process and kick off a collaborative working group to solve this problem to the benefit of the company. But the road is not smooth. Traditional sales and marketing are not friends. There is often blame and finger pointing to find who is at fault. Who is the cause of the problem? They have historically operated in silos — often competitive and antagonistic. …

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There is a lot of discussion around #digitaltransformation and how it benefits businesses. There is also a lot of valuable and evolving debate about how best to undertake the process and who should own it. My observation is that it boils down to one simple choice. That choice is between road A and road B, and that choice is presented well before you start…. even if you don’t know it until you are well underway. In fact, it happens well before you have a chance to engage in the brilliant minds who are developing the modality.

Road A offers a path towards the unknown. There are bumps and turns and potholes along the way. It doesn’t have a map as the territory is often unchartered. Its dark and a little scary but the opportunities are boundless. You cant travel it alone as you need experienced guides. Not just one, a collection of experts who can help build new bridges, pave the road and light the way. …


Jane Peacock

With a background in advertising, marketing and sales, Jane brings her clients insights that go beyond digital theory and latest social media buzzword.

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