Jane Gassner
Aug 14, 2019 · 2 min read
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A Week’s Worth of Writing Prompts

Thought-provoking prompts for writers who enjoy wrestling with their words. One a day for a week. Or one whenever you feel the urge to think and flex your writing muscles.

1. “Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools,” Napoleon Bonaparte

So what does that make you? And the rest of us for whom ‘impossible’ actually appears relatively often when we speak? Are we fools? Or was Napoleon? Do you use the word ‘impossible’ lightly or with great conviction? And what does it really mean to you?

2. Take out your wallet, your purse, your backpack or your briefcase. Go through the contents and choose the three or four objects that are most significant to you. Describe them so that we can see them and tell us why they are important to you. Is there a link between them, a commonality? Or are they disparate parts of your daily life? And if so, why do you carry them with you?

3. The problem with politics is the politicians and the problem with the politicians is the people. Do you agree? Disagree? Explore your response.

4. There is a photograph that is on the wall in your house that means a lot to you. Who is it? What is it? Why should we care? And why do you?

5. The summer after high school graduation. What is the one song that meant the most to you then? Can you hear it? Who sings it? Listen to it play in your mind and as you do, note what smells and sounds and sights and tastes and touches come back to you. And feelings — what feelings come back when you hear the one song that meant the most to you the summer after high school graduation?

6. How old is really old? And how young is too young? Does your definition of age change with time? How? And how old are you now? Five years ago, did you think that your age would look like this? Ten years ago?

7. Simply put, the purpose of an education is to learn things. But what is the purpose of learning? Does it have to have a goal, an end game? If it doesn’t, is it less — or more — valuable? And you — what is/was the purpose of your education?

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