The American Dream Isn’t Everyone’s Dream

A white picket fence surrounds one suburban home. The home has two floors, two bathrooms, a basement and attic. This home has a swing set in the back. This is a home where you can leave your front and back door unlocked. The mother and father who live in this house both work to provide for the two well behaved children they’ve created after having gotten married a few years back. Both children attend private schools and are being taught by the best educators in the nation. We call this the American Dream, and itś the ideal that every American strives for. He who works hard can and should be able to achieve the American Dream, but take a trip five miles away from that suburban area to the inner city, and thatś where the American Dream isn’t quite the same.

Endless concrete, rows of overcrowded two bedroom apartments. Sirens wailing out in the early morning replaces the sound of birds singing. Storefront churches and package stores on every corner. Playgrounds covered in drug paraphernalia along with wood chips mixed in with broken glass. One-parent households providing for three to five children. Children who attend public schools, taught in some cases by teachers who are incapable of relating to them . Once again the “American Dream — the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” A single parent working 40 hours a week comes home to these conditions not because they want to, but because they have to and this is their “American Dream ”.

The average American works approximately 40 hours a week. So in a two parent home both of them average 40 hours each, a combined average 80 hours. Double what a single parent is working. But these 3 people are all hard workers and very goal oriented . The conditions this single parent is living in are tremendously different from the average two parent household . Does this mean she isn’t working hard enough ? Are they not worthy of this so called “ American Dream ” they are entitled to ? Poverty in the inner city is at a rate of 32% oppose to the poverty rate in the suburbs which is at a rate of 9.7% according to America’s war on poverty website . This single parent is more likely to be thrown out on the street. But according to the American dream this shouldn’t be happening to them right ? this is the case for many inner city families.

I´ve lived this life not being able to receive the same education as middle class students or not being given the same opportunities as a middle class family . My mother is just as hard working and determined as everybody else. Just because we don’t live in the best of neighborhood does not make people like myself any less qualified to uphold that “American Dream” . “No one in America should be working 40 hours a week and living below the poverty level. No one. No one.” This was actually said in a political debate with Vice President Joe Biden. So why is it still we are considered under the poverty line?.

America we need to evaluate ourselves. Let’s stop pretending that these situations aren’t happening and let’s start making an effort to correct these problems .

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