Mobilink & Blocksims ICO — What happened. Scam Report.

Jane Austen
Feb 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Several reports are coming up that Mobilink network is a scam, however I have considered all the complaints and decided to sort the situations by compelling the team involved to answer the questions to fulfill the existence of the platform.

Problem - Attack from the former member:

Step 1. Talking with Mobilink.

1.1. Talking with Mobilink team to provide the document that Shehar Yar used to do some work for the project.

From the document produced its clear that Shehar Yar was hired by an ICO Mobilink to develop a website, database and back office for the company. The employee failed to perform these tasks and resorted to produce a counterfeit product and cloned the Utrust website which was rejected by Mobilink.

1.2. What’s next? (Mobilink provided me a number of Skype dialogues).

This existence of this problem the led to firing of Shehar Yar in January upon which he decided to start up Blocksims ICO which is an exact duplicate of the product of the Mobilink.

Coincidences in the content (,

The code of website was also stolen from

1.3. What about SCAM reports?

All official messages contained the same information and relevant to the scam project — Blocksims.

Step 2. Talking with Blocksims ICO team, Shehar Yar and Axchain.

This effort did not bear any fruit as the ICO team and the company failed to respond to my requests which is a clear indication that Shehar Yar was the master mind in the development of the scam project to blackmail the users of Mobilink.

Step 3. Analysis of the Scam source

3.1. The Scam project ( team coincides with the team. This is the same team that helped with ICO materials.

3.2. Finding other SCAM confirmations about and members:

The other linked projects (where team is also interested with the, (KBS),,

Conclusion: The investigations clearly shows that there are very clear signs of theft of ideas and material by the company which should be banned from selling the ideas of Mobilink which is the original project. Beware of scammers!

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