Writers corner

And here I go….

OMG! how daunting and how wonderful to be here. I have spent my entire life getting to this minute, so why today?

This seems to have taken me a long time and yet at the same time hardly any time.

I saw on a blog site I attempted a start in 2008 and wow is that generous! I didn’t start. I signed up and registered and that is what back then constituted a start. And I guess on some level it was a start. Yes, it was a start! it was the festering of an idea that I wanted to say something, share something and I was wanting to be brave and take that step and share it with an audience who may or may not be interested in what it is I felt drawn to say, share or muse about.

Today I spoke to two of my closest friends and they inspired me to get going on my blog. So here it is… I imagine this blog site will often at times be grammatically full of excitable errors and occasionally words that wouldn’t ordinarily go together. Because this is how I like to be in the world. Spontaneous and full of the immediate that bubbles up from within me.

This blog will, I imagine cause those who are grammar Queens or Kings to cringe and today that is perfectly okay with me, because my fear around being judged for my grammar expertise or lack there of, is what has perhaps caused me to doubt my own voice and sharing it with the world.

I fully expect you my dear readers to cringe, with what I share, speak about, cry over and moan of. Please do, I want you be be moved and prompted to think about what I have to say. Because the fear of peoples reactions and responses to how I am in the world has at times kept me small. Today is the day I begin my journey to share with you how I have become Just plain Jane.

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