20 Futuristic Transformers-Like Furniture Designs

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When you deal with a limited space at home you have to think outside the box… Or outside conventional furniture designs that take every inch of your precious space. So, you have to look for multi-purpose furniture. Thanks to innovative thinking you’ll see some great suggestions and stylish design combined.

1. The Capstan Table

David Fletcher is the genius who created a unique expandable table design. Its design is simple, but chic and can expand from an average size table to a bigger one with only twist. It’s actually a lot more complicated than it looks. Check out the making of the table on YouTube.

2. Staircase Storage by Dany Kuo

No, this is not a modified staircase. It is a piece of furniture which closely resembles a staircase when unfolded . It consists of series of drawers piled on top of one another. Their vertical position and the three drawers at the bottom allow you to use them as steps , so you can reach to the top ones without a problem. A great furniture concept by Dany Kuo.

3. Concentré de Vie

It’s not just an ordinary sofa, as you would imagine. It consists of loose cushions which can be arranged in different ways. What’s more it can provide seats for 8 people. Each cushion serves as a separate seat. And that’s not all. Each of the sitting pillows can be used as armrest, footstool or an ottoman. It’s original design and multi- functionality make it perfect for a tiny living space.

4. Cheval Mirror Ironing Board

Instead of piling up furniture like crazy and wonder where to position everything, you could just make your life easier with the Madame est Servie, designed by Aissa Logerot. Ironing your clothes and putting them on are two inseparable and successive actions.


Cubista is an ottoman with an innovative design. It’s the absolute space-saving piece of furnuiture, which converts into 5 separate seats. Each of its sides turns into a stool when assembled with one of the four bases hidden inside the Cubista.

6. Fusillo Bookshelf

Coat racks are so out of date. What you need is a multi-purpose Fusillo shelf. It functions as bike, clothes rack and as a regular shelving unit. Its modular elements allow you to use it for each separate purpose or the three of them combined. And it looks very off-beat and interesting. You can check it our and order it via AndViceVersa.

7. Domus Chair

That’s high level multi-purpose furniture. The reading chair hides 2 modular bookshelves, which makes it a genius addition to your micro apartment. Even when the shelves are inside the chair you can still use them as book racks.

8. The REK Bookcase

It’s no ordinary bookcase as you’d imagine. The REK extendable book case s simple when it comes to design, but very flexible at the same time. Its zig-zag shapes slide in and out allowing you to add more books and various items.

9. Pause Sofabed

This uniquely comfortable piece of furniture is designed by Meike Langer. It allows you to use it as both a chair or revolve it into a comfy daybed. It is light and easy to move and has a casual modern design which matches almost any home décor style.

10. Nuovoliola

It’s a modern variation of a wall-folding bed. When it’s retracted in the wall you can use it as a sofa with an overhead shelf. It’s very convenient for a tiny one-room apartment.

11. Rosie Footstool

Rosie is designed by Restrelax. It is a compact footstool which consists of 3 foldable, comfy cot. You can use it as an extra seat when you have guests and it is stable enough to be used as a simple coffee table.

12. YOY’s Canvas Furniture

This innovative space-saving furniture, designed by YOY is simply called Canvas. What’s special about it is you can hang it on the wall. It’s made of wood, stretching canvas and aluminum. It looks as an ordinary picture, but you can sit in it.

13. Futuristic Door

Also called the Evolution Door is the futuristic creation designed by Klemens Torggler. It is not a one-piece simple door. If you need to open or close it, you just have to push it in the middle where the 2 halves meet. It then folds like an origami figure thanks to its own weight.

14. Retractable Dining Table

If have absolutely no space for a table, you can become the proud owner of the Porada Tip-Over Table Mirror. It combines the functionality of a dining table and the fold it back on the wall, when you don’t need it. Its bottom can be either a mirror or look like a framed picture.

15. Trick

Oh, it’s just a simple bookcase. Wait, what? Yes, Trick is a multipurpose furniture piece, designed by Campeggi which serves as both bookscase and a dinind table with chairs. It’s perfect for a small kitchen

16. Convertible Shelf Table

It’s a shelf…No, it’s a table…No, no, wait! It’s a mini staircase… Or it’s these three combined. Thanks to the pure genius of Dot & Bo you can use it as a dining table or as a shelving unit to store various items. And when you need to reach higher spots just unfold it and use it as stepladder.

17.The KAI Table

This space-saving transformer is a very interesting piece, created by Takamitsu Kitahara. It looks a Rubik’s cube, but instead of twisting it in various sides, you use its small storage compartments which can be spotted only when open.

18. Chuck

Yes, that’s right, its name is Chuck. The shelving concept is designed by Natacha Harra- Frischkorn and it looks amazingly interesting. It consists by 6 flexible planks , which are affixed together by 2 brackets at both ends. The interesting part comes when you place books on the planks and they bend from the weight. However, you might want to call a local professional handyman to help you affix it to the wall securely enough, so it’s stable.

19. Giro-One

This futuristic furniture concept was brought to life by Yuil Kim and can be used as a bookcase, side table or a lamp. Another of its amazing features is its eco-friendliness. It’s made of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials and energy-saving LED lights. It’s very conveninet, as you can regulate it with the help its mood volt.

20. Dedon Obelisk Furniture

No, Optimus Prime won’t come out of there. Sad but true. Dedon Obelisk has a pretty amazing as you can see. It consists of four chairs and a coffee table. The Obelisk is perfect for your backyard and when you don’t need all its parts lying around, you can just stack them on one another. You can visit Dedone on their website and see the rest of their furniture masterpieces.

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