Christmas Guide: 6 Present For Your Geek Friend

Geeks are the peculiar type of people who have hobbies which are, let’s say a little bit different than these of others. They might not enjoy the more common gift choices, so you need to make an effort, as they’re intellectually superior and have more sophisticated needs when it comes to items and belongings.

What Are Their Interests?

Find out what they like best and start looking. Again, their hobbies are not that common if not at all, which basically means you need to become a geek in order to understand them. Some of their preferences for certain stuff might be a little bit unconvetional like reading books about dark matter or building electronics from scratch. However strange, they’re not crazy.

1. Try A Pet

If your geeky friend likes animals, you can get them a cute cat or a puppy. They will enjoy the company of the little fluffy ball. If they’re allergic to animal fur but like insects, for example, there are a number of gifts you might get them: Insect lovers gifts from actual pet insects to bookmarks and bugs encyclopedias.

2. Get Them A Rare Comic Book

It’s not a secret that comic books are something many people are obsessed about, including geeks. If you know their favourites, you can get them a rare comic book to fill their collection.

3. Get Them An Original Mug


Getting them a coffee or a tea mug would be perfect. An original thought or their favourite movie character would be a great personalized gift.

4. Give Them A Challenging Puzzle

Challenge their minds, give them a riddle or a puzzle to solve. Yet, it shouldn’ t be something they can solve in a minute. Their minds work on a higher level and a common problem or puzzle will be a piece of cake.

5. Try Something Sentimental

You might get confused on science and geeky stuff, which is normal. But still, you can get them the perfect gift for Christmas by bringing them back in time with something sentimental.

6. Try Anything Else, As Long As It’s Personalized

Yup, this is the trick. Giving a friend of yours a present for Christmas might be super difficult and you might not get them exactly what they wanted. It won’t be a problem, as long as it’s personalized and shows you them well, and makes them feel appreciated.

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