Oh give me a goddamned break.
Kendra Jowers

Kendra, your post was abusively inaccurate, bigoted, hateful, and incredibly regressive. More then 20% of Obama voters, Latinos, and blacks all voted for Trump. STEM workers, and those with interpersonal don’t collect your trash every week, they don’t build the highways and train tracks, they don’t break their backs tearing down old buildings and risk their lives constructing the new ones. They don’t serve you your food, wash the dishes, or pull your car around when your done eating at a restaurant. They don’t put out the forest fires, chase down the criminals, or spend 16 hours a day trucking the new flat screen tv you plan to buy from one coast to the other. Who do you think delivers your mail, guards prisoners in jail, or transports your important STEM professionals to their next meeting? All on less then $38k a year. Elitism is not what is pushing this country forward, it is literally rotting it from the inside. Many of the Midwestern communities are debilitated by drug abuse, no jobs, no industry, and high crime. Your dismissal of the poor, of the abused, of the hopeless, of the disenfranchised, due to your interpretation of the man they voted for as president, only serves to exacerbate their problems and your own, as the “elite” image you seem to admire is one almost universally loathed worldwide.

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