You know what’s inaccurate and abusive?
Kendra Jowers

“They see themselves and their communities wracked with poverty, crime, drug abuse, with no conceivable skill set to dig them out of the hole. Rather than facing the hard truth that they’ve become the moochers, they cling to the notion that they’re really still the “backbone” of the country, and it would all go to hell in a handbasket if it weren’t for their backwoods ideology and sense of entitlement to the American dream and American prosperity. In the meanwhile, people with STEM skills and interpersonal skills are the true backbone of the country — often those people on the coasts that the midwesterners love to take verbal dumps all over, especially vicariously through right wing news sources that bemoan the “liberal elite,” despite that that “elite” is keeping the economy afloat and moving .”

This portion of your post was the crux of where my response stemmed from. You clearly stated you were describing Trump supporters, you clearly stated how they viewed their wearied communities, as well as the actual geographic location of the county (midwest) you perceive them to come from. You clearly state they believe to be America’s backbone, and you clearly state they are in fact not, by clearly stating that people with stem and interpersonal related jobs, largely coastal and commonly referred to as members of the elite class, are the true backbone. You clearly state the coastal elite are keeping the economy afloat and moving, while the “mid-westerners”(← a label you chose to represent trump supporters, not me) spent their time taking verbal dumps all over them. This is rich considering your entire post was verbal diarrhea exploding all over the poor and drug riddled, mid western communities you say are guilty.

Yes, many Trump supporters are wealthy. They work in stem fields and have college degrees and live in coastal cities and make over 6 figures a year. You and I both know those were not the Trump supporters you were so endearingly describing.

One question I do have: who, if not American’s (especially poor or working class American’s who feel Trump is their last hope) should have a “sense of entitlement to the American dream and American prosperity?”

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