My remarks on the state of the 2016 presidential race
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney,

You sorry Republican officials have not listened to your supporters who have trusted you in the past, but have taken care of yourselves in your retirement, medical plans and positions, You have not stood up for us and have brought our country low by being on the take. You have been a sorry lot! God have mercy on your souls!

Why are you so afraid of an outsider? Are you all afraid Trump will discover and show the deception of not only Republicans but of the Democrats also? Why are you all so afraid of the PEOPLE saying who they want to represent them? LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE! FOR ONCE, LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!

I have always respected you up until now, but no more! You are a traitor to the American people and have shown your true colors with your speech against Donald Trump! We want Donald Trump and God help us if we don’t get him to straighten out what you representatives, and I call you that loosely, have done to this country! Shame on you!

I pray the people of this once great nation will be heard on election day and you politicians all get voted out of office for what you have done! This country was founded on Christian principles which you have let slide for much too long, You think you know the Bible? What happened to every Nation on earth that turned from God Almighty? What happens to people who do not support Israel? Why have you let our Muslim President do the terrible, antichrist things he has done and not impeached him for disobeying the Constitution? I’m sure God will ask this of you one day and it might be sooner than you think!

You should repent of this evil deed to Donald Trump, ask God to forgive you, give another speech getting behind the Republican nominee we, the people want for our President! I am ashamed of the Republican party’s actions on T.V., in their offices which they hold, and especially you, for I truly thought you could not be bought just to slander a person publically as you have done.

My sincere hope for America is for a godly man to be in office and turn our nation around and Donald Trump is the only man that is man enough to stand up to you and your party and call a spade a spade.

Lead, follow or get out of the way! Judgement Day is coming!


Jane Crewey

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