Actually, I personally believe those Dems supporting the BS healthcare bill are doing so to simply…
S. Novi

There are also quite a few private Facebook organizations devoted to anti-Sanders as well as petitions that are being circulated to send to the DNC to require removal of BS from anything having to do with the Democratic Party.

Any links? They must be extremely private, narrow circle and never circulated (unlike Trump resistance private groups and petitions, there are plenty and easy to join). All I found on FB were anti-Sanders groups back from 2016. And numerous tweets directed at the Dem leadership, with no replies. This is very ugly, people are complaining “you keep dismissing our interests, and us, your base”… and get further ignored.

It feels like ditching the middle, women and minorities, instead courting both far left and Trump supporters. I don’t even know how to call it. For people who don’t mind a 70% tax to cover Medicare for all, but no pregnancy coverage necessary.

BTW, just noticed, the bill, indeed, doesn’t include pregnancy and birth control.

those Dems supporting the BS healthcare bill are doing so to simply ‘keep the door open’ for discussion.

They signal they are taking BS and his bs seriously. And this is not a bill by their own party, Sanders is not a Democrat, period, as a Senator.

They are using BS as the “useful tool” and will move him to the background

Will it work? He recently sketched out a new foreign policy, a bride at every wedding and very prolific (oh, and he’s also protecting Trump from criticism). He’s like this abusive husband with a codependent wife, she thinks “it’s the last time I please him and this is good for me anyway” but it never stops.

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