Dear DNC: Stop Appealing to the BernieBots;They Don’t Want You
S. Novi

Dear mainstream Democrats, criticising the cult is not enough. Please, assure me that you’re not going to elect Bernie Sanders. There is a difference labeling a candidate as not viable and refusing to vote for him because he’s, actually, horrible.

What I find disturbing is the “party over country” attitude even from the most ardent critics of Sanders. Sure, the cult is racist, sexist, divisive, wants to destroy the media, democratic election, peddles conspiracy theories, fake news and populist fantasies, uses help of Kremlin trolls, Sanders is not a Democrat but a populist like Trump from the left etc. But I still will vote for Sanders if he’s nominated, yeah, because he’s our guy! This is not criticism, this is STRONG SUPPORT. Even if Bernie shoots a man or strikes a deal with the Kremlin… doesn’t matter. Where are neverBerners? DNC is not defying any logic, with an expectation of voting along party lines Sanders is their best bet. It’s the extreme partisanship that holds centrists hostage of extreme ideologues, not DNC or trolls. Sorry, as much as you curse the GOP for their complacency with Trump, they still used to have dissent against their own abnormal candidate. But many ended up supporting him. You have to learn the lesson and do better.

A petition site sent me spam advertising Bernie’s books. I unsubscribed. What’s the point resisting Trump if they want to install another version of him instead?

unless they get their way and throw everyone else out, they will simply stomp their feet and then vote with the Republicans.

Voting with the Republicans is just plain criminal! (sorry for sarcasm).

I strongly doubt “anti-establishment” would vote for anybody “establishment” from either party. Unless Trump is running again, but he has a nonzero chance to be gone.

However, if Sanders is nominated, those who switched Sanders -> Trump will come back, with possibly more Trump voters switching to Sanders.

I used to think he wasn’t a viable candidate, now I’m afraid that it will be another 2016 scenario and he’s going to be elected. Surprise! The system would be hacked again to benefit Sanders as another Putin’s preference, and now the left will deny the hacking.

But shame on you forever if you elect him.

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