He was being provocative, purposefully provocative because in the same week I believe the officer…
Amber Lisa

I actually have checked what other things he writes. Essentially, he isn’t anti-white but anti-American. Like celebrating the death of the American student Otto Warmbier white siding with North Korea (use search, I’m not advertising it). Remind you, Mr. Kim doesn’t care if an American is white or black, and everybody lacks human rights there. “Law” in a totalitarian regime, seriously ??? Hell, the author doesn’t even know how people in Korea look like… It’s exploiting everybody — the dead student, the victims of police, Korean people, American people AND the reader. And if somebody takes him on bs, he attacks this person “it’s you who don’t care shit about North Korea”. Double gain!

For me, it sounds like he takes a valid cause and exploits hate and anger for his own gains (I would assume personal for now). He’s not any kind of journalist, who makes reports and interviews victims. He doesn’t run any activist or help group. Just one of those “writers” who uses the victim stories to attract attention to himself. Being “provocative”… don’t treat him like a child. But overall it sounds like brainwash used by terrorists, intentionally or not. Being anti-American quite fits.

Stop justifying trolls like him. Does HE have regard for your life or just your eyeballs? It’s a double abuse of POCs. You say exactly what white supremacists want you to say to hurt yourself.

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