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I agree. There is also this misleading message that lifestyle choices are black and white. People are divided into those who spend time watching TV while eating junk, and those with conventionally “healthy” lifestyle, eat salad and go to gym. But it doesn’t work this way, people are complex, their preferences and life circumstances are mixed, there are many parameters involved. “Eat your greens” is a self-comforting message “I’m not THAT person who eats junk” which might become “but I did the right things, why do I have a metabolic problem?”. Diet and exercise should be tailored to a particular person, not to a camp. Even salad is not good for everybody’s digestion.

As for the societal changes, it would be curious to see how urban/country population numbers and average commute times changed over years. Even small changes (like longer commute to work) can affect bigly if applied every day.