I don’t see how you square the circle of this being a polite request.
Michael Pinnegar

I agree, it sounds like bullying. The first message is a demand (no “please”, no “thank you”, no explanation why, just entitlement). Is any npm publisher supposed to know who kik Interactive is? After not receiving what they wanted, they brought up threats.

NPM encourages users to try to resolve name issues amicably. If there is no resolution, they step in. In this case it didn’t work. Threatening another user is anything but acting “amicably”.

In addition, I don’t understand what it has to do with trademarks. I looked up in Google translater, “kik” means “skiff” in Turkish. If somebody uses “cat” as a trademark, does the entire world get banned from using the word?

From the link: “This incident did not arise because of intellectual property law.” So, their demands sound like bullshit.

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