Oh wow. You have said a lot of things that just simplify really complicated situations…
Amber Lisa

I don’t think it’s just Fox News.

You’re preaching to somebody who might have self-interest, his business partner is from Ukraine. It’s not like every Russian or Ukrainian American is a Putin’s fan (most, probably, dislike him), but some are and get fake news directly from Russian sites, clean as a whistle. I was thinking that his narrative strangely mentions USSR. The region is also a great place for outsourcing. Clinton being tough on Russia might’ve been bad for some businesses, and it’s not just Exxon.

Basically, it’s like talking with Trump himself. “Putin is not a friend to the US? No problem for me and my businesses!”. The division is not by country borders anymore.

For the record, the US didn’t sell the nuclear stockpile to Russia, it was the other way around. He’s mixing 2 stories — Russia selling its stockpile and the fake story spread before the election. He can’t even retell the fake news correctly. This brainwash illustrates your point very well rather than disproving it.

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