Russia Is Laughing at Us
Matthew Gault

I think, it’s simpler than that (Occam’s razor, anyone?), more like a screwup. Trump didn’t want American journalists present to keep his meeting with the Russian Ambassador a secret. But the Russian side wanted to make a story for their own audience, to brag that the relationship with the Trump administration is holding. So, they asked for a permission to bring their own photographer, which was granted by Trump or his team. The photographer wouldn’t release the photos to the American media, so no problem, right? Wrong! Whatever is put on the internet will be eventually discovered. The photos show exactly what Trump was trying to hide — his meeting with Kislyak. Now, the 45’s angry and accuses the Russians of tricking him. It’s never his fault! But isn’t he the one who allowed those photos to be taken? The photographer is upset because, WTF, he’s being attacked for just doing his job (beware that his English is not very good, some words are misused). They’ve made the 45th “look like” a moron, seriously? More like a dickhead security threat. What about the visitor logs, what’s in there since they are not public anymore?

The White House discovered the deception when the photographer posted the photos online following the meeting.

And nobody noticed he was carrying 2 cameras and was taking shots. Give me a break.

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