A Truly Fancy Bear:
Dale Beran

I think, you’re missing the point what the cyberwar is about. Everything was right under your nose, you don’t need to make speculations about voting machines or write a spy story.

You may check the introduction and report by Peter Pomerantsev (The Menace of Unreality: How the Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture and Money), which was published back in 2014 and didn’t get enough attention at the time. Too bad.

The act of hacking DNC by Russian hackers was manipulation by itself, as it was asymmetric. Should be Trump required to release his emails to compare? Probably, lots of interesting stuff there.

There was also manipulation of information, fake news and conspiracy theories spread around during this campaign. Skilled ex-KGB workers would know how to brainwash people, those old Cold War tactics. It’s how Crimea was a part of independent Ukraine for 23 years, yet for the overwhelming majority it took less than a month to decide to join Russia. It’s how the war in Eastern Ukraine started. Information is a weapon indeed.