Feminism Should Come With a Warning Label
Sara Schaefer

I’m tired of it too.

I grew up with a couple of interrupting people in my family (they are still interrupting). Both women. They are kind people with good intentions, but boy, it’s like constantly swimming against the current. I don’t like the number of loud, interrupting, rude, pushy people in the world to double because bad manners are encouraged (now in women) nowadays. I don’t want TWO “Trumps” in the election instead of one. Should it be the other way around, respect to the others regardless of gender?

> Everyone’s talking a lot about breaking down barriers for women these days

Only it’s got worse (I myself was a little girl once). I’m tired of hearing on radio another young thing talking “I’m going to Engineering because I want to break down barriers for women”. Really? Not because she likes it, but she thinks she’s some kind of pioneer superior to other women, who obviously are cave age homemakers.

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