Instability and the Fight for Democracy
Dionysus Powell

People like Caitlin Johnstone are attacking from the left and people like Mike Cernovich are attacking from the right. Don’t be fooled by partisan affiliations; they’re on the same team in the fight that really matters. For my part, I see it as a patriotic duty to pile on and tip the scales towards entropy wherever the opportunity presents itself.

It gave me a really good laugh. Why not Alex Jones? Also, the “partisan affiliations”, the “same team” and the “patriotic duty” sound really funny. I keep saying it (good morning and Happy New Year!), Caitlin Johnstone is not an American (an Australian living in Melbourne and funded by some obscure source). But fake news and foreign influences are so entertaining! Thanks to Putin about his excellent choice, we’ve already followed it. I wish I knew Korean to read news from North Korea, their opinion about their preferred US candidates is also very valuable to me. Planetary internet rule. “Luckily”, people don’t trust media, but it’s great news they swallow garbage found on the internet, no problem.

It’s very nice to live in a big country to be completely unaware of the existence of other nations. I’m surprised that with so much research about fake news and influence campaigns, people are still buying into them.

Assume that those who disagree are good people.

First decide if you want their opinion at all — if it’s eligible and if it’s, well, their opinion (i.e. not a piece of brainwash to sway yours). The rest is trivial.

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