Thanks Jane.
St. Steven

It made me think for awhile… Thank you, but I don’t think I’m deserving it. I’m being the ass, your civility is great, it’s just hard to stay cool. I see social media as smoke and mirrors, where the loudest and most aggressive ones are sockpuppets and trolls (paid or zombies). After a while you start seeing a pattern of those who are not real human beings speaking their own mind, but “cyborgs” pushing some agenda, or bots using some clever AI (there are nasty humans out there but it’s not my point). I mostly block them here (the ellipsis “More actions” after every story). They annoy you coming back with endless bullshit and name calling, and their alter-nicks or crew are coming for help. So, if I’m sure of their nature, I block them right after writing a comment and put extra characters into some keywords to make them not searchable. It mostly works. Many of those nicknames just come and go, some come with fake FB and Twitter. You can also hide responses for your story to discourage them from coming. You can try to have a dialog with a human but those are not. And there are those “journalists” who don’t do any work that a journalist is supposed to do (I’m fine with “content writing” which doesn’t try to present itself as something bigger).

Social media and internet companies don’t do good (or any) job weeding out fakeries ( doesn’t even try). I report fake news in my Google search when I see them. But why do I need to report EVERY STORY while they can block the source? It’s like those creating the weaponized content are little children who don’t know what they are doing.