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It seemed to sound educational until I clicked on the link “the seven countries Obama identified”. THEY WERE NOT. The link is “TERRORIST SAFE HAVENS”, but it includes other countries (like Mali, Venezuela, Pakistan) and doesn’t include some from the list like Iran and Syria. So, I take it as a piece of Trumpist brainwash (comparable to terrorist and other types of brainwash), carefully crafted. Always check links. I’m also unconvinced that “Muslims” is one nation, so one Muslim is entitled to speak for other cultures around the globe without any first hand experience. It’s like a US Catholic Christian speaking for people in Mexico, Ireland and Philippines. Wait, aren’t those Catholics terrorists, criminals, drug dealers?

(As a trivial fact check, the “Obama’s list” is about the bill “H.R.158 — Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015”. Check an explanation by FP *Bonus: Obama’s “seven countries” taken out of context.” and don’t be a sucker. It removed double citizens and people who travelled to those countries after March 2011 from the Visa Waiver program. They had to obtain a visa. Apples and oranges. )

Some places in the world are indeed anti-Western, anti-American, anti-democratic. If it’s a surprise for somebody, grow up. Some people are pro-Western but anti-liberal, with their “western values” in line with the “old order”, misogyny, white supremacism and fascism. Take as an example the former USSR. Not only Communism, Orthodox Christianity has been used as a tool to create terrorists as well (I think, any tool can be used, including Disney cartoons). Although anti-Western people are not likely to move, but does every Russian student, engineer or scientist coming to the US need to be extremely vetted as well? What if every single one is a Boston marathon bomber or a spy? A Putin’s stooge… well, never mind. What if they are thinking something wrong and need mind control? Come on, America, destroy your own values, take totalitarians and terrorists as your role models and make your enemies happy.