Trump Supporter: Developmental Throwback for Blood Lust and Violence?
S. Novi

It should be understood that it’s not about Trump voters, but a much more narrow group supporting the “hate factors”. At the same time Trump is not necessarily a “father figure” for every “alpha-male”, there are others.

As I’ve observed commonalities in milder environments (no threats), many show some kind of an “alpha-chimp” pattern. Such as using inflammatory language, calling names (insulting in their opinion), concern trolling (and repeating the same over and over), making unsubstantiated claims “because I told you so”, but demanding infinite proves from the others, telling the others to “shut up” and “nobody is interested in your opinion”. Many are not even Trump fans, but haters of those who criticise him. Basically, it’s me-me-me, trying to dominate the environment.