That woman did not passively “stand by” and watch someone die.

It’s a fantastic interpretation. If somebody sends a text “I think you better die”, and they do, it’s a manslaughter. But if they watch somebody die while doing nothing, it’s perfectly fine. The woman’s friend’s fate was sealed when she was on the phone while he was dying, and wouldn’t call for help, not when she texted him. And who knows, a comment “let them die” might be interpreted to the same meaning as the texting.

But sure, I’m not complaining. Readers, let them pay your legal fees, no problem.

“Terrify out of anger” is a great construct. Next time don’t stomachache somebody out of their headache. Trolling feels great, doesn’t it?

Oh, and your twitter looks… hmmm, R*ussian t*roll? Soviet propaganda?Once I clicked on your site link, it asked me for money. Really sick.