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Journalism is not science and I have no idea what “scientific journalism” is. Sounds kind of… what communist regimes would have (bulletproof logically, it’s ideology for God sake, not some flawed human matters). Private citizens have privacy. Radiologists are not required to know Physics. Humans are flawed. Repeatability… they had it with the geocentric Solar system and a whole bunch of stuff (as a first year college student I created for fun a scientifically valid model that the Sun rotated around the Earth, it worked!). Math itself can be used as a great deception tool. I used to be in Science myself. The question was, do YOU add clippings from yellow magazines to your papers, or not? Not if it’s possible theoretically.

Sorry, the world and society are more complicated than that, life is too short to verify all bullshit in the world (shortcuts needed), and something sounding truthie is not the truth.

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