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Kevin Brady of Texas was a sponsor of a bill back in 2012 to normalize trade with Russia, with Texas being the number one in exports to Russia. As a leader on energy issues in Congress he celebrated lifting the ban on oil exports in 2015. He arrogantly commented on the Supreme’s Court decision to overturn restrictions to abortions in Texas as “against women” (sure, no need to ask women). He was unhappy with the FBI’s decision not to indict Clinton. He was happy when Trump was nominated, and looking forward to work with him on the tax code. All from his official web site.

It’s great he cares about Texas businesses. But why wouldn’t he be honest to say “I feel insecure for our deals and interests if Trump’s tax returns reveal something really bad”? Well, he looks like a Trump’s man, no surprise here. Related news on his (!) site include Braitbait.