Ten Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Must Be Stopped
Roy Delfino

Let’s take a step and ask ourselves why, on the brink of the convention, Bernie Sanders chose to stoke the flames of WikiLeaks’ lies?

Let’s take a step and ask ourselves why the same campaign of fake news on the left and R*ussian trolls supporting Bernie (and Bernie supporters working as R*ussian trolls) is still going on? See them right here in the comments (I spotted a couple instantly), their signature is a mix of posts “defend Bernie” and “deny R*ussian hacking”. If those trolls existed only to discredit Clinton, their activity would’ve obviously subsided by now.

It’s also hard not to notice that Sanders was yet another beneficiary of the DNC hack. Being previously ok with hacking, was his campaign involved by any chance? If you’re a foreign hacker or publisher, how would you know what to look for in large troves of hacked data and what narratives to spin unless you get help from insiders? Apart from Trump, Sanders was another Kremlin’s preference in 2016 but lost to Clinton, and now he might’ve been “scheduled” to win in 2020.

Reason #11. Benefiting politically from a foreign power and even using their narratives and lingvo (tell me that it’s a mere coincidence) is something a magnitude bigger than just terrible personal flaws.

Reason #12. Demonstrating anti-democratic tendencies also poses danger, more so than with Trump because Sanders is not an idiot. Right now he can’t pass his bogus legislation. But if he obtains presidential power, he could go against the legislative branch (hey, they didn’t recognize his worth) screaming “corporatist shills” if they don’t cater to his desires. Revenge it is. Did I forget to mention his supporters attacking the media?

I implore you to do everything you can to stop this awful man before it is too late.

The simplest is to say publicly “I will never vote for this man” and stick to it. Tell DNC not to waste time promoting him.