This is pretty damn funny coming from someone calling themselves “Jane Doe” lol.
Christopher S. Freeman

Let’s talk about modern colonialism.

Once upon a time, there was a country with an authoritarian government (it’s not even a “government” and “republic” in the Western sense but more like feudalism lite). Elites amass riches from their government or close to the government positions leading to rampant corruption. They tunnel those riches to the West (where they are very welcome), buy luxury goods, their children live in Europe and the US, it’s safer and nicer this way. They steal this money from their own people who are generally poor. They also instill economic and political power on their weaker and poorer neighbours. They offer benefits to foreign politicians, journalists, movement leaders, t*rolls to pass their agenda. Ego pampering is also a benefit for useful idiots. It’s all about keeping the power structure and the lifestyle “pump money from my country to have a nice life with my Western friends” intact.

Common people in the country are confused, unhappy, lacking trust and conflicted. On one hand they want better lives, human rights protection, economic development, they are angry that resources are stolen from them. On the other hand, they don’t know anything about democracy, are isolated from the world and brainwashed into fear. The government-elites own the media, assassinate journalists and the opposition and suppress protests and dissenters. People are bombarded by government propaganda about their glorious past, “great economy”, evil America that wants to steal their oil and other fairy tales, and exaggerated problems anywhere but their own country. Better educated, young people worry about their future and go protest (risking jail), or give up and leave the country. It’s incredibly hard to change anything if the power is consolidated by the very top.

Now, we finally have this Westerner who sees beauty in this country and recognizes its talented people… Oh, wait, he’s courted by their crooked government, loves their authoritarian leadership and equates it to the country. He totally, completely supports the lifestyle and agenda of the elites. Why not? A Westerner in this country is a privileged one, above all those stupid locals. He doesn’t even know how people in the country live, maybe besides seeing 1–2 nice cities, stuck to his privileged space, with his privileged passport and higher earnings. He might speak for “the R*ussians” but he doesn’t know shit what it is TO BE a R*ussian, hopeless, living under a tight government control, sometimes even without a flush toilet.

Sorry, but it’s how YOU treat non-Americans. Stupid sheeple, that don’t even have their own dreams and rights, it’s all about “regime change” (love-love-love this regime) orchestrated by “superpowers”.

UDP: I really shouldn’t expect anything from preaching to R8ussian t*rolls. I estimate they are recruited the high tech way (learned from the elections), grabbing right personalities from their writing and social networks, so they are an excellent job fit. Somebody working just for a paycheck is low tech. I’ve noticed that many sound like sociopaths and narcissists or otherwise have no shame.