Where do you get the idea that refusing to help someone is manslaughter?

Misinformation would be “something that can potentially cause damage” not a “warning it could”.

In a fantasy world it’s nice to sit by the river and see your enemies float by. Or watch them all fall off a cliff, one by one. Or dream they are hit by a bus. Unfortunately, the message “let them die” is much more general than some “cliff” (how often somebody afraid of heights could be found standing on a cliff?). And even repeated multiple times, like for hypnotic purposes.

As you said, you’re not a lawyer yourself. If somebody follows your advice and gets charged, are you ready to pay their legal expenses? Not being a lawyer, I still see it depending on a situation (this woman got charged), and I doubt everybody has a luxury consulting a lawyer before making a quick decision. Moreover, it even expand to the realm of premeditated actions, such as knowing somebody would be in danger (for example, a sick person) and deciding beforehand not to help.

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