Your correction is incorrect. They gained local approval in 2016 per MJ
Grant Stern

Nope, my correction is solid. This is about 2017. I myself felt confused with the phrase so I performed more extensive check.

  1. Please, read the highlighted phrase carefully, “On July 13 — two days after the role… was revealed” (I don’t know why they say it, it doesn’t really matter). And the meeting was on June 9, how could it be two days, even the same year?
  2. Check the MJ links. The first one requires database search — which I performed (the approval record for this parcel refers to July 13, 2017, please, Google translate in place, I couldn’t get a link); but for the second one (“to begin”) you see the publication date right away — July 13, 2017.
  3. I also googled it, all confirms that it’s July 2017.
  4. And I checked with Google maps, it’s a different spot, not the site intended for the TT.

In addition, why would they need an approval for the intended site in 2016, if they were already building on it since 2013? (my understanding from the other approval, it is for a “complex” not every building).

Sure, the lawyer lied, it’s just he lied about the reason why the project didn’t come into fruition.

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