Ok, if that is your evidence, why does it not matter that A) people lost their jobs over those…
Eve Moran

OK, I think, you’re preaching to a Russi*an troll (I blocked “him/her” a few days back; funny, you can’t even tell their gender).

Reread their comment and pay attention to their linguistic and other patterns (check more from their profile).

  • Frequently asking questions that are identified only by a question mark (it’s the way in Ru*ssian).
  • Frequently missed, unnecessary or incorrect articles (the Ru*ssian language doesn’t have a concept of definite and indefinite articles).
  • Wrong word types (“U*krainian” adjective ->“U*kraine” noun, “antiviral” -> “anti virus”).
  • Omission of dependent prepositions (like “for” in “wished for”, in Russ*ian you wouldn’t see a verb followed by another word).
  • Somewhat strange expressions (“U*krain territory” is probably a literal translation).
  • Bringing up “U*kraine” to the conversation.
  • Showing up under some posts to deny R*ussian meddling in the election.
  • A demanding, “screaming” manner to talk (name calling, insults, inflammatory language, bold font etc). I wonder if it’s on purpose, so people are distracted from seeing the poor grammar.
  • Overall, quite primitive and sounds like a petulant child.
  • The sole purpose of the account seems to be attacking people, demanding them to answer “questions” (some rhetorical or not making sense) over and over; but it lacks even very minimal personal details, stories, interests.