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Readers have a great opportunity to study “R*ussian t*trolls” (they are called “cyborgs” but I go with the old name) looking at the comment of “Dallas Dunlap” who’s been working on for a while.

  • Coming to certain topics by certain tags and keywords like “R*ussia”
  • Housewives, retired people… (well, the thing that I DON’T say is the “R*ussian t*rolls” are actually R*ussian nationals, why not to hire Americans and people from all over the world? The assumption that they are all in R*ussia is well outdated)
  • The comment doesn’t really address the post. It’s starts seemingly intelligible… but the first paragraph can be put under any post. The rest is concern trolling. I believe they have some kind of reading AI to understand what the post is about. Did it go by “Le Pen”, “election”, “hackers” keywords but missed “Defence Department”? 30,000 accounts became 30,000 sites, I like it. But it’s getting better.
  • Some pretty serious claims with none substantiated. Put it point blank “something happened, white is black, black is white, trust me, you stupid idiots”. Don’t state things but make them questions and make claims by proxy. Do you 200% believe those articles from European media (which I can’t read anyway) about Martians taking over Eiffel Tower?
  • Political preference inconsistency. Pro-Trump trolls grouping with pro-Bernie ones and switching back and forth. Complaining about “destabilizing the Trump administration”, then what, demanding single payer healthcare?
  • Particular vocabulary like “propaganda”, “corporatist”… (Caitlin, is it you?).