What Happened in the Comey Hearing Depends on Your Reality
Nicholas Grossman

Reality 3, or The Reality — it’s still not reality but a potential.

There was a very little takeout for the audience (other than pleasure of watching a “reality show”), but only some hints where the investigation was heading. It’s the moments when Comey stated “it’s the Committee’s business to investigate”.

But then again, it was a hearing, not a movie where a case is supposed to be solved in the end. It was a testimony under oath and Comey was quite impressive in his precision answering the questions. He also requested it being public so nothing got swept under the rug. He’s an impressive bureaucrat and a showboat, this ex-FBI Director Comey! And there was also the classified meeting the audience didn’t witness. Now, as all of this has been documented, it could be used for the investigation and potential actions. See you in the next episode.

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