Stop Calling Terrorist Attacks False Flags
Nicholas Grossman

Stop comparing Putin to Bush. Stop assuming free expression where there is no free media. Stop trusting words of authoritarian governments and treating them the same as democracies. I find anti-conspiracy theories very similar to conspiracy theories, both proudly claim to know the truth without good fact checking. Just say the magic words “fake news”… oh, well.

Kasparov knows Russia and Putin way better, I would rather listen to him. His tweet is not about any “false flag”, I even checked his sites, he doesn’t say it was a “false flag”... The attack indeed coincided with the onset of massive anti-corruption protests. Now there are government calls for anti-terrorism protests (pro-government) in place of those, it’s what he says. Whatever the nature of this attack, we’re unlikely to learn who ordered it, but sure the Kremlin will try to capitalise on it. The chart is from 2014, how is it relevant? And approval ratings in countries where people are not comfortable speaking their opinion is a complicated matter. Government transparency (lack of it) is an issue too. Kyrgyzstan is a country 1,500 miles from Chechnya, and it’s not even known if the perpetrator was religious, but an Islamophobic society is easily triggered. I don’t see why Trump wouldn’t borrow the same idea, he’s already peddling Islamophobia.