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Thank you, I understand it. Very sorry for your experiences.

But my point was not that you don’t understand violence. I see the situation that you’ve been manipulated by the post and walked into a trap. It capitalized on your anger (which action is exploitative and abusive on its own). You don’t condone violence… but you still promote a post inciting it. You wouldn’t commit a crime yourself… but there are other people reading the post and the comments and might be inspired to commit it.

I would like to remind that watching somebody die (regardless of who they are) and not helping might be qualified as manslaughter, in a very practical legal sense. It’s not a figure of speech. It’s not a revenge. It’s not self-defence. It doesn’t make anyone’s life better. The post promoted it and you agreed, that it was fair.

I feel my duty to warn about it. Internet content is a weapon.

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