Rachel Maddow Hurt the Resistance
Nicholas Grossman

The tax return was missing schedules and attachments, without those you can’t tell if there are any foreign dealings, what stock this person owns etc. It’s information missing, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there and everything is clean. However, 3 things did stick out for me in the available pages:

  1. The “Other” strange huge loss to offset the gain, without indicating the nature of it (I wrote a longer comment). No tax dodging?
  2. $12 million tax credit out of the $38 million which might’ve been a rollover from the previous year (given filing for an extension, it would be no surprise if 45 didn’t pay tax estimates quarterly). To see what’s going on you need to get tax forms for the previous and the next year. Anyway, if $38 million in tax is incurred, it still doesn’t mean it’s the actual amount paid.
  3. There is no date on this form but there is a request for extension mentioned (there was money paid with that). This form is missing too. Was it just being disorganized, living abroad or another reason?

Disclaimer: I’m not a tax professional, but with a family tradition to routinely process their own relatively complex tax. I did some forms just recently. And hell, I didn’t even know who Rachel Maddow was until now, I don’t watch TV.

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