Makes a lot of sense, and thx for the primer.
Mateo D

This account is known to have been removed from Facebook and Twitter as belonging to the R*ussian troll factory (Medium doesn’t care).

This post (an atypical one)… looks almost fine, doesn’t it? I ran it through the Grammarly language tool, the first 4 paragraphs didn’t give me any errors (I bet, they use those tools too). But the 5th paragraph gave me 5 errors, and the next paragraphs had more. Those were both grammar and spelling problems, like missed articles and commas, “organizations goes”, “criteria remains”, “organisation” instead of “organization” (misspelled twice). However, the closing paragraphs were error free again!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any tool to look for style problems, weird vocabulary and errors in expressions. I see some pieces like “report about it” (instead of “report it”), “not only state organisations will provide info, but commercial too” (missing “ones”), “online-shopping platform”, “these companies are able to provide any most valuable info”, “ That also know what you are doing at any taken moment” (what?), but the tool doesn’t detect them. The middle has noticeably more problems. Probably, initially they wrote the beginning and the end, then filled up the middle while assigning it to some trainee.