Some Garbage I Used to Believe About Equality
Johnathan Nightingale

Well, it looks like “I replaced my old garbage with syllabus”.

Can I shatter more self-serving narratives?

  • But it’s not about us. I’m working with men from all over the world, with many of them not being white. Our team is so diverse, we can’t be biased.

Wrong. Men from select races/ethnicities don’t represent women and other races/ethnicities. Moreover, if somebody is “diversity”, it doesn’t mean they are bias-free, people from all over the world carry their own biases. Outsourced teams have their own practices, which can be outright discriminatory. Managers drinking kool-Aid of hypocrisy.

Can you, please, stop using this black-and-white oversimplification (no pun intended) “white men” vs “people of color”, instead of “underrepresented minorities”? It’s a great excuse for teams which are not all white men (according to official data, 50% of high tech professionals for top companies in Silicon Valley are Asian) to see themselves as meritocracies. Far from the truth.

  • I was talking garbage, then educated myself about hardships of those less privileged. Look at me, I’m so cool.

Who cares? The industry is full of those great guys whose empathy is limited to talking, mostly about themselves. But no real change in teams and companies. Looking at the Hubba site… an executive team of 4 white guys. And a story how a guy had trouble shopping online for a gift for his wife. Is it a message for poor confused men, who can’t consult with women at the moment about shopping? You must be kidding me.

I don’t see any other way for including female professionals other than… including them, at every level. Not “learning” about them like they are some kind of exotic birds.

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