The Mistakes We Make: Why Liberalism is Teetering on Feet of Clay
Henry Wismayer

What puzzles me, is that a foreign government meddling with the election doesn’t trigger xenophobia towards the outcome. But somebody’s reaction to hair color does.

> wrote the controversial philosopher Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian Marxist (with Marx being German) who grew up in communist Yugoslavia, residing presumably in Ljubljana and a Trump supporter. But not a trace of xenophobia and “exposure to cultural differences” when quoting him, huh? Although, meeting a Slovenian person in real life is probably a totally different cultural experience…

> Susan Pollock

damn British

> from Sigmund Freud to the ethologist Konrad Lorenz


> John Stuart Mill

another damn British

> Carl Jung


(I’m guilty not really getting this… well, very twisted post. But it was amusing to check if I can find any American names. The only ones I managed to find were “Obama”, “Trump” and “Bannon”. Did I miss any?)