Bernie Sanders & the BernieCrats: Attacking Liberals that Don’t Pass their “Purity Test”
S. Novi

Why not to call the Putorians by their old name? Bolsheviks (a militant wing of the R*ussian Social Democratic Labour Party 100 years ago, and a predecessor of the R*ussian Communist Party).

One final difference between the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks was simply how ferocious and tenacious the party was willing to be in order to achieve its goals. Lenin was open minded to retreating on political ideas if he saw the guarantee of long term gains benefiting the party. This practice was commonly seen trying to recruit peasants and uneducated workers by promising them how glorious life would be after the revolution.

Notice that the Purist movement is not democratic, it’s anti-democratic! The majority of the population is not even viewed as worthy humans, but just a tool. Moderates? Nah, just dirt. “Democratic Socialist” is yet another misused name. It’s supposed to be about economic reforms, compromises and the legislative process; not an ideology of purity and moral superiority, where the most important part is not creating complex plans and listening to people’s needs, but aggressively pushing “consent” to your agenda and taking power in the name of “people”. Totalitarian countries really like having the words “Democratic” and “People” in their names. “The People’s Summit”, “the people’s party” of Sanders, here we go.

No One Is Safe
It is always a challenge to try to convert the supporters to realign with the winner, but Sanders didn’t really even try.

But is it his goal? Trump didn’t become a president to benefit American people, why do you think Sanders is here to benefit the Democrats AND the people?

For me it seems that the stakes are being raised higher and it’s really scary. If initially it sounded like resentment “Clinton unfairly won the primaries” and “Sanders could’ve won the election”, then it became “the revolution”, attacking the “impure” Democrats to divide the party and “kisses of death” to make it lose, and plans to take over it. Spreading conspiracy theories, with a help of bots, sockpuppets and trolls. Now I observe clean as a whistle Soviet propaganda (I bet, Soviet instruction books from the Cold War), stirring up anger and hate, and even inciting physical violence.

While change is needed, you get nothing through demands and stomping your feet.

It’s not nothing. Adrenalin and moral superiority are drugs on their own. In 2016 Sanders had a limited number of supporters, not all stayed his fans and he’s not likely to gain new ones in 2017 due to his charming personality. Now, they have to offer something else trying to attract more people. Making frustrated people angrier is a strategy, they forget their own interests clinging to the crowd. The Putorians are bolsheviks, duh.

their spoiled brat attitude, constant state of anger and relentless purity tests on every candidate

Power for a few vs democracy for all.

Until they learn this lesson

It’s like saying “there is a dangerous bear in the woods near our house, let’s wait until it learns its lesson…”

UPD: I highly recommend watching the movie “The Last Circus” (orig name “Balada Triste de Trompeta”). It’s a political allegory, Spain in 19930s being sandwiched between fascists and communists. Only it’s not about Spain anymore.