Dear Twitter: FWIW, this is how you spell “democracy”: EMPATHY

You could’ve used the French version: “Je Suis Republicain”, it doesn’t say “All” and is symbolic enough.

Un républicain est une personne qui souhaite instaurer une république ou qui défend ses valeurs… En France, un républicain est historiquement un partisan d’un régime républicain par opposition à la monarchie ou au bonapartisme.

Pardon the French, I just wanted to say that being a “republican” (in general sense) means defending the Republic, anti-authoritarian. #AllBecomeSmallDdemocratsAndSmallRrepublicans.

UPD: reading the comments here, same shit. For me the tweet sounds “the shooter targeted Republicans”, it doesn’t say “we are all Congressmen today”. It was spontaneous shooting not targeting any particular individual. What if he shot some suburban Republican family instead?

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