Instability and the Fight for Democracy
Dionysus Powell

Your own bias here is that you understand that there are differences in political opinions but everybody should agree on your treatment of the media and “grassroot” (seriously?) internet sources. Given, the Gallup poll is outdated and there were factors influencing it at the time. Why is it “luckily” that people distrust the media? It’s totalitarian regimes who go against media and journalists, really scary.

Another thing, the proof that your “grassroot” sources are credible and, indeed, are grassroot is on you. It’s not your reader’s job to prove otherwise. As a scientist, do you refer to accepted reputable sources in your papers or include anything you find entertaining into bibliography, and then gaslight your readers “attack the argument, not the source”?

… and then there are scientists that threaten our democracy. They push their theories about everything, contradict each other, make mistakes. How can we accept their power and control? All opinions should be equal. Science is evil and anti-democratic, let’s switch to grassroot scientific conspiracy theories from the internet.

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