The People of Ueno, Part 2: Jane Meredith talks to Grayden Poper.

The People of Ueno is a series where someone at Ueno talks to someone else at Ueno about whatever they want, and we post it here on Lorem ipsum. Last time, marketing director Liz Donovan talked to Jane Meredith, developer at Ueno SF. In this installment Jane talks to Grayden Poper, a creative director at Ueno SF.

My first year at Ueno.

When I graduated from art school it was my dream to live in San Francisco and work at a design agency. Ten years later and I’ve finally realized that dream—sort of. I live in the East Bay, not SF, and I work at a “full service” agency (you might have heard of it), which does design and so much more.

And, as you may have guessed from the title, I’m not a designer anymore.

Ten+ years trying to make it as a designer

Starting in 2005, I spent summers as an intern in my family’s advertising business and created our very first digital ads. In 2008, I landed a…

Dear Ueno is an advice column for people who for some weird reason think we know what we’re doing. Read more about it.

From Tony McKeown:

Dear Ueno, I love some of the scrolling techniques you use in your case studies. I’d be interested in learning how you do the following: a) Freezing the text on the left whilst you scroll down the large image on the right, and then unfreezing it when the image has been scrolled through. b) Scrolling through images horizontally just by dragging the mouse, without any visible scroll bar or direction buttons.”*

Jane Meredith, front-end…

J Meredith

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