Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, Pediatricians Do
J.B. Handley, Jr.

JB, I thank you for your courage and determination. I stopped vaccinating my children when my third child was 6 weeks old. After her vaccines, her leg swelled so huge, I thought the skin would tear, she ran a high fever, and had a seizure. Dr. Robert Holland told me that she must have been sick when she came in. He told me that I allowed a sick baby to be vaccinated and sent me home with orders to give her Tylenol and come back if she got worse. I never went back. I never allowed another vaccine for my children. This daughter does not have any issues, but her older sister has Tourette’s, and her older brother has food allergies and had a horrible struggle with eczema beginning when he was very small, about 2 months old. I never put the eczema together with the vaccines. It is hard knowing that I allowed my child to be injured, no, was complicit in injuring my child. So, thank you, for standing up, no matter the cost.

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