Funny the Trump people are all volunteering to come in.
John Patrick Mullan

Pretty pathetic, even for a troll.

You dare to compare anything about either Clinton or Obama with this traitorous, despicable sack of shit occupying our White House?!

Would you like to comment on the real topic, i.e., the trump campaign/family connections to Russia and Putin? Looking pretty bad for the FAKE president and his family and his minions, isn’t it?

Or, if you prefer, how about all of these golfing weekends, and the millions you and I are paying for trump’s additional “security” in Mar-a-Lago? How about how trump’s raking in the money now at MAL, because he doubled the membership their to $200,000 after he was elected? Would you have been happy with either Clinton or Obama doing the same thing, using the presidency to make money WHILE being president?

Or you could just STFU and quit while you’re behind, troll.

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