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To Willysnoutredux, check Think Progress’s archives. Yes, they reported on the two big bad scary-looking black guys standing around doing nothing.

To Brian Quinn, please, do some research for yourself, Trump has been lying through his teeth pretty much any time he opens his mouth. Or, if you’re too lazy, just wait for him to release his tax returns. But don’t — or do, I don’t care — hold your breath, as releasing his tax returns will show just what a lying cheapskate blowhard The Donald is, so he’ll avoid it at all costs.

Better yet, ask The Donald what his ‘private investigator’ in Hawaii found out about Obama’s birth certificate — I mean, it’s been a few years, you’d think that he would have been blasting the news to the world if he found anything indicating that President Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.

Trumpsters are so effing gullible.