My Adventure in IM world, A cautionary tale, Part 2

I was going to write yesterday but I woke up with congested sinuses making me severely dizzy. There are forest fires in our area reducing the air quality so I seem to have gotten it aggravated. Hopefully, the rain will come soon.

Anyway, as I said before, I went out onto the internet in search of training as a freelance writer. I should interview a freelance writer one day to find out if it is as competitive as it seems now with Fiverr and other places willing to create a “book” for less than the average wage.

So, i wandered off my goal of freelance writing as potential way to make income so that my husband could retire from his practice and into the IM world where backlinks and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was how to “rank in Google.” Now, when I first wandered, it was to write a Kindle book real fast. Before Google Hangouts and Live Streaming, webinars were done with slideshows and audio from the presenter. With Google Hangouts on Air now there are people selling “how to have a successful webinar” blueprint so the structure of a webinar is public knowledge.

Writing a book had been my goal so finding a way to write it quicker seemed a good thing to do. Well, yes, I have the outline of how to do it but what wasn’t mentioned was it is just a way to generate leads for your business. The actual book would not make you the millions, it was just going to “make you a bestselling author.” “Bestselling” is defined very loosely since selling a lot of Kindle books at $3.99 will not make you an income worthy of sustaining your life for more than three months. I learned that the writing and selling of a book whether Kindle or on the New York bestseller list will give you credibility and authority as a writer. It is not a way to make a living.

So, I digressed, I was talking about webinars and the psychology of them. Now, you can get a webinar blueprint from anyone selling their webinar software but back then webinars were unique. The webinar titles made big promises “how i made a million dollars only using Amazon” and even now there are still some crazy titles for a webinar (but do you notice how its a million pennies or $$ in a day as there has been some FTC crackdown on making claims about money-made promises) . I’ve been on a lot of webinars and I still go on them only to watch the selling technique. After the crazy promise title, there is the introduction and why you should listen to them — usually because they were in poverty and now here is their Lamborgini and big house after doing what they are going to show you. Now being female and a practical person, these photos of cars always make me wonder how they are going to pay for the upkeep and the employees to maintain this lifestyle. Now having been on the internet IM world for awhile, I have heard from many gurus that that is the issue, once they have a success, it is hard to sustain that lifestyle.

The “hi where is everyone from” to get your engagement and investment into the experience to the “this is training on how -to” to “here is proof of my income doing this “ is all about connecting and showing you this is what success could mean for you if you had this program.

But ask yourself when you are on a webinar (since they are free) is this going to help my business or is this just a tactic? The internet is evolving quickly and especially Google and Google Search is changing and adapting its search such that there is no way now to do black hat (shady types of backlinking and keyword stuffing (for those who know what that means))now as humans at Google are creating a more transparent way to search. When Google had its Hummingbird update ( no worries, that is just a name for a Google Search algorithm (no worries even I don’t know how it works)) then black hat backlinking died. So, all those tactics , keyword stuffing and paying people to do backlinks etc, became obsolete.

I have bought software and classes from webinars because I always ask whether learning this will help me in teaching others? However, for you, you should ask when you are on a webinar, is this software or classes going to help me move forward now in my business. Don’t buy something you may not implement in the near future because it may be obsolete with the next Google algorithm change.

So next time, I will be talking about the intimacy of the internet and it is not about anything dangerous, it is about how the internet can change your perception of what is your relationship with others on the internet.

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