Outdoor activities

There are a million ways to spend your weekend with your family but it depends on your preferences. Some people prefer quiet places, because they want to escape from the noise of the city and others who are likely to rest well only at home. There are also people who spend their free time shopping or doing some sports. However it doesn’t matter how you relax it’s essential to feel good and to be able to go back to work rested.

If you have only the weekend for rest and the holiday is far away you can visit the local park. Something positive about big cities is that there are a lot of beautiful parks and ponds surrounded by grassland and wide open spaces. There are so many things you can do outdoors with your children and pets. First of all you can bring a blanket, some food and you will have probably the best afternoon picnic. You and your family should put comfortable clothes on and as you know there are a lot of different shirts, depending on the activities you like doing. This is just one of the possibilities to separate your kids from the computers and to spend some quality time with them outside. You can play:

· Football

· Badminton

· Table tennis

Throwing a frisbee

Don’t forget that spring and summer are the best time of the year to teach your kids cycling and roller skating. They won’t just have fun doing something new but they will make new friends and will be able to have similar childhood to yours — spent summer outside with other young people, not only playing on the computer or the console. But you should know that this kind of experience is good for you too, because you will also meet people your age and you can talk about something unrelated to work and everyday problems. This is one of the reasons why you have days off, not only to clean your house and cook, but to take care of yourself. Everyone deserves to forget their worries and just observe beautiful nature around them. Clean and green environment could be extremely helpful if you want to feel well and to be ready for the next business week. The green colour of the grass and trees may have very calming effect on you. Furthermore if you are near to a water basin such as pond your inner peace will increase for sure.

Speaking of water and green nature, there is no way not to mention the spectacular nature parks and reserves. Sometimes you need good shoes and equipment, because usually these parks are in mountain regions and there are peaks for climbing. If you and your fellows are ready and you know what is waiting for you, there is no way to be disappointed at the end of the little trip. It depends on the size of the area that you are visiting, but there is a chance to feel tired at the end of the day. But it’s not the same as when you are at work. Your rest is in your head no matter that your body is exhausted. You will be surprised how well you will sleep and in the morning you will be ready for new adventures. Don’t forget that it is highly possible to meet animals and plants which are not typical for a residential area or a city. Something really important is that you have to keep this place clean, and if you are with kids you should teach them to collect their garbage and to dump it in bins. If there are no such bins you should take your packages and leftover with you. Our nature is astonishing, but we have to keep it this way.

Of course there are some people who appreciate their relaxation only when it involves spa therapies, expensive hotels and a book in front of the television. There is nothing bad about this type of vacation, but some people need to have a ‘relationship’ with the nature. When you get used to the crowded city or shopping centre, you start to like it, so your break is nothing but a continuation of your business days. It is okay if you love jam-packed beaches and walking alleys but there will come a moment when you will prefer time for yourself. Your brain needs rest more than your body thinks. However not always physical activities mean rest, sometimes you have to take a good nap or to read an interesting book in order for you to feel well.

Another outdoors activity may combine different types of resting. A lot of people who have licenses go fishing. If it is your lucky day, you can go home with a lot of fish but some people do it just for fun and they don’t collect their drought. There is combination of emotions and inner contentment while you are fishing. First you are happy because of what you catch and then you have time to enjoy the surrounding environment. Don’t forget that it is another place where you can throw a picnic with family or friends. Some areas have specially arranged fireplaces, so you can prepare your food right there and the experience will be even better. There is no big difference from the typical park, so your kids could play whatever they want. They just have to be careful not to lose their ball or toys.

If your kids learn how to spend their time outside at an early age there is a bigger chance for them to be healthier and happier, because the closer we are to nature, the better we live. They won’t be scared to get dirty and will be prone to take risks. Last but not least they will have better knowledge of the environment with its animals and plants. When we know our natural treasury we are ready to visit new places.